No guesswork. No frustration.
Just a profitable pro-insurance private practice
that allows you to make money while making a difference.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
is to grow your practice fromZero to 5K a month(in six months or less) !
2017 is the time to build the private practice you have always wanted!
After all the hard work it takes to become a fully licensed mental health professional, it can be so frustrating working in an agency you really don't believe in. That feeling stokes the fire of wanting to have more. 

I often hear therapists say...

"I want to have my own private practice."

Afterall, others in the field are building fulfilling practices. When you being to think about the freedom to set your own schedule, to work with clients you truly enjoy, it's only natural to wonder...

"What would it take for me to make that happen?"
But just thinking about getting started... it almost seems like an impossible feat. In graduate school, you learned how to serve your clients, but none of us were taught how to be in business for ourselves.

And let's not even get started on idea of working with insurance companies. We have all heard what a headache that can be.

But... what if doesn't have to be that way?

Imagine meeting a friend that has already been where you want to go. She can give you the inside scoop on how to make your dream happen. With that kind of support and guidance, all of a sudden starting a private practice doesn't sound so scary or overwhelming. 
Don't waste time trying to figure things out on your own
piecing together bits of information and wondering if you will ever get it right.
Hi, I'm Samara Stone, and I want to help you accelarate your results in building a profitable private practice. 

If you have ever wanted to build a private practice, I'd like to extend a special invitation to you.

I'd love to have you join me, alongside other professionals, in a community dedicated to building pro-insurance, business-savvy practices that make money while making a difference.
The Practice Pros Mentorship is a transformational program that will walk you through the steps of grow your practice from Zero to 5K (in 6 months or less),
allowing you to make money and have the impact you're meant to have in the world.
Inside the program you will find business-savvy, step-by-step guidance and turn-key systems have been proven to make it easy to set up, brand and fill your pro-insurance practice

6 months from now, you will be setting your schedule and earning $5K a month from YOUR own private practice...doing work that you LOVE.
Most mentorship programs throw a bunch of information at you and leave you alone to figure it all out. 

But the truth is, the real results happen when we have support to implement what we are learning AND someone we can count on to give us answers if we get stuck. 

The Practice Pros Mentorship gives you behind the scenes access and support from a mentor who's already been where you're going… And with professional training, access to medical billers, and a coach and community of like-minded professionals cheering you on, your dream of making money while making an impact can become a reality.
"I was overwhelmed trying to figure it all out on my own. Samara helped me kick it into high gear, and I'm growing in ways I never could have imagined.

My solo practice is now a group practice, we have moved to a larger office space, AND I have developed new streams of income. Samara delivers more than I can put into words."
Mimi Ryans
When you join
here's what you'll receive...
2 Orientation Training Modules :: Start your journey with a solid foundation.

8 Training Modules :: Walk through the time-tested Perfected Practice Curriculum, where you'll learn how to take your private practice from zero-to-5k.

6 Months of Live Weekly Q&A Calls :: Get all your questions answered directly from Samara each week.

Unlimited Email Support :: If you're stuck on something small, or have a quick question, Samara and her team are on stand-by so you know how to dodge any roadblocks that may come up.

BONUS: Pick My Biller's Brain :: Get direct access to Samara's medical biller, who will answer any insurance related questions you may have.

BONUS: Jumpstart Your Practice Consultation Call :: In a one-on-one session with Samara, you'll customize a roadmap specific to the needs of your practice.   
In 6 months from now, you can have the practice you want.
Join Today for $1,197
(or 6-monthly payments of $249)
When you join
here's what you'll be learning...
"The calls are so productive and invaluable for helping me stay on track. I always leave with clear next steps and the structure and focus that I needed to get moving fast. 

Samara has so much experience, I can bring any question at all and she is able to provide the knitty-gritty truth that I need to navigate the choices in front of meShe teaches the inner game of private practice and has given me the clarity and confidence that I need."
Mary Mischtschuk
Before joining
how about a guarantee?
I know stepping out into the unknown can be scary. We go back and forth in our minds until we talk ourselves out of our dreams. 

Well... I believe in both of us committing to results. If you are willing to put some skin in the game to build your practice, I am willing to match you

If by the end of the 6 month period, you have followed all of the steps given in the Practice Pros Mentorship, you've been on time with your assignments, and have you've STILL not been able to get to 5K a month in your practice, we will keep working together until you do

How am I able to make this offer to you?

Because I believe in you. I believe in the practice you are building. I will not abandon you, or let you abandon your private practice aspirations. If you are willing to do the am I. 

That's my guarantee to you.
"I look forward to our coaching sessions. Samara provides organizational tools and information on essential resources needed for practice building. Her structured approach has made my experience less stressful.

I'm glad I have Samara as a practice coach, she is compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive. She has helped me achieve real and tangible results. So satisfied!!"
Penny Miller
After a decade of buiding a pro-insurance group in Maryland, Samara launched Perfected Practice in 2014. 
The purpose of Perfected Practice is to guide and equip other social workers through the journey of building their own a profitable, pro-insurance private practice. Samara knows that when quality, affordable mental health care is available through thriving private practices, everyone wins. 

Through her Practice Pros mentorship program, leadership coaching, and live events, Samara provides the information, resources, and guidance you will need to build the practice you want... without the frustration, guesswork, or delays. 
Join the Practice Pros Mentorship today! 
You're only six months away from the practice you want.
Join Today for $1,197
(or 6-monthly payments of $249)
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